Table of Contents

Many thanks to our contributors!

Spaces for the Future: a companion to philosophy of technology
Edited by Joseph C. Pitt and Ashley Shew

Table of Contents
Editorial Introduction

Part 1: Ethical Space and Experience
Anna Lauren Hoffmann, “Data, Technology, and Gender”
D.E. Wittkower, “Discrimination”
Monique Wonderly, “Video Games and Ethics”
Yoni van den Eede and Katleen Gabriels, “Social Networking”
Don Ihde, “TechnoArt”
Jessie Mann, “The Philosophy of Art and Technology”

Part 2: Political Space and Agency
Shannon Vallor, “Robots with Guns”
Andrew Wells Garnar, “Educational Technology”
Carl Mitcham, “Religious and Political Transcendence”
Andrew Feenberg, “Agency and Citizenship in a Technological Society”
Ashley Shew, “Animals in Philosophy of Technology”

Part 3: Virtual Space and Property
Evan Selinger and Woodrow Hartzog, “Obscurity and Privacy”
Gordon Hull, “Copyright between Economic and Cultural Models of Creativity”
Benjamin Jantzen, “Cyberwarfare”
Craig Condella and Julie Swierzcek, “The Cloud”
Deborah Johnson, “Ethical Issues in Big Data”
Johnny Hartz Søraker, “Virtual Environments”

Part 4: Personal Space and Design
Robert Rosenberger, “The Organization of User Experience”
Pieter Vermaas, “Engineering Design”
Ann Johnson, “Design”
Albrecht Fritzsche, “Dancing the Device: a translational approach to technology”
Dana Belu, “On Harnessing Birth in a Technical Age”
Cyrus Mody, “Moore’s Regula”

Part 5: Inner Space and Environment
Robert Darrow, “Is Renewable Energy Technology Revolutionary?”
Tina Sikka, “Geoengineering and Climate Change”
Adam Briggle, “Fracking”
Robert-Jan Geerts, “Climate Change and Philosophy of Technology”

Part 6: Outer Space and Imagination
Rosalyn Berne, “Space Tourism and Science Fiction”
Zachary Pirtle and David Tomblin, “Well Ordered Engineering: Participatory Technology Assessment at NASA”
Diana Hoyt, “When Loving Your Planet Isn’t Enough”
Joseph C. Pitt, “Transcendence in Space”
Nicholas Rescher, “The Role of Technology in Natural Science”